Thursday, 3 October 2013

'Hell's Hope' and 'Nature's Way'

We're proud to share the news that two of our friends have recently had their literary works published! Here's some info on the two titles available for your reading enjoyment...

'Hell's Hope' by Laragh Kedwell
Imagine if the characters from Oscar Wilde's 'Dorian Gray' strolled into the pages of Jay McInerney's 'Bright Lights Big City'...

'Julius Leng has three important factors in his life: tequila, women – and magic. His life is under control – he’s got a new girlfriend and a new job as ‘Psychic Detective’ on Weird TV. But things get a little strange when his harmless hippy dad admits to being haunted by a girl from his past – a dead girl he last encountered during a disastrous rock festival in the sixties – a festival where Death, an enigmatic and powerful stage magician, made his first public appearance. Julius tries to help his dad, and finds that the dead girl is now attracted to him.

As Julius begins to navigate the murky waters of his family’s past, he finds that his life might not have been so under control after all. A plot, spanning generations, is steering him towards a fate that even he cannot defend against; a fate which somehow links him to Maximus Death and the ever-present dead girl. Julius must use all his demonic contacts and all his powers to save himself and Sonia from the trap and from oblivion. But something goes wrong, the trap misfires and Julius has to face the biggest threat of all – a threat manifested by his own demon power.'

Buy Hell's Hope for Amazon Kindle here.

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'Nature's Way' by John Michaels
A sterling poetry collection that captures both the force and fragility of nature. Each poem provokes thought on our significance amongst, and appreciation for, other living things...

'An uplifting collection of 26 Haiku inspired by nature and the world around us. Whether you're interested in birds and animals, trees and rivers or the weather and the seasons, you'll be sure to find something that appeals.

The absence of individual poem titles is one of the most liberating aspects of Haiku. Unhampered by the distraction of a label, the reader is truly free to interpret each one in whichever way they wish.

Whilst each Haiku in this collection was written with a certain subject in mind and has a thematic link to nature, many can be interpreted in other, unrelated, ways. There are no absolute "right answers", so let your imagination drift whilst reading them and who knows what meanings you'll discover!'

Buy 'Nature's Way' for Kindle and other e-readers here.